I’m unsure that she was ready to meet her Maker.

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I am very sure that her Maker is not prepared for the ordeal of meeting her.

I didn’t get the chance to know her all that well, but in my very brief time with her  I will say she was a remarkable lady.

And I’m gonna miss her.

Rest in Peace Phyllis. 



III Recap


I was lucky enough to be invited back to blogorado after attending last year.  I had a great time, and it was a much needed micro-vacation.  

I want to thank the FarmFam for putting on an amazing spread of food and making everyone welcome.

My cannon seemed to be a success judging from the goofy grins on the faces of everyone that shot it.  It was over enthusiastically loaded at one point but about 3 minutes on the machine in the shop this morning fixed that as well as made the amount of powder that it used per shot much more manageable.

I have to apologize to Sci-Fi about shutting down the Blue Rock range but when the broken pieces of the clays were windblown over the line, it’s just too damn windy to shoot clays.  Next year, man, next year. We’ll get Mrs. Sci-Fi in on it too.

OldNFO’s rifles are amazing but he and I do not have the same sight picture.  However we did a fair to middling job on the 500 meter target, putting a heart and hostage shot on target so close together there was only one clang.  Thanks for the opportunity to shoot those NFO, and AEPilotJim.

I enjoyed the drive-by that Lawdog and I made, thanks for driving FarmGirl, but frankly we need more practice.  Though we were able to outshoot the Humungous himself, though we were unhampered by attempting to aim out of a colander.

Speaking of the Humungous, It was a pleasure to get to see Stingray and Labrat again. Don’t worry I’ll put the rifle in a corner, there is nothing one can do to them to make them any more awesome than they already are.

Salamander makes an amazing Wez, something I’d never thought I’d say. He was missed on the second day of the festivities.  Hopefully next year you’ll make it the whole time.

MattG can rock kilt and a pith helmet like nobody else. The Webley helps.

It was a great pleasure to talk guns and gear with Tam.  Glad to have met her, and I have to extend my thanks.

Christina is going to be my personal masseuse when I get rich and famous as a gunsmith.  

I didn’t get much of a chance to talk to JPG and Holly which I regret but it’s hard to catch up to everyone at a shindig like that.

Got a work swap working with Evyl Robot and Jennifer, I’m getting a knife sheath and the opportunity to fix up a S&W pre model 10 that needs just a bit of love.  It’s a win for me both ways.

Ambulance Driver, thanks for the work, and you have got to go easy on the ramrods.  And thank you for the work.

And a very happy birthday to both Phlegmmy and MattG.  I have to say I love the goat.

I had a fantastic time, and was glad to see everyone.  Here’s to next year.


5 x 5


First day of second semester started today.  

Got a barrel ordered for my mauser.  

Went with Douglas as Pac-Nor is way behind and not shipping for at least 12 weeks.  

Looking forward to getting a few projects done outside of school time.

Had 4 separate earthquakes today, biggest being 5.5 on the scale.  Not the biggest I’ve been in but close, and always kind of interesting.

Ran the bear out of the trash for the 4th night in a row.  Juvenile male, and not afraid of me.  The t-ball bat is going to need to be replaced with a real weapon if the doesn’t keep running from the rock I heave at him.  Pretty cinnamon phase bear too.

Further bulletins as events warrant, and honestly if there is something you like to see addressed let me know in the comments or email.

You have to go, you don’t have to come back.

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To the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines that don’t get to have a nice picnic and a beer today.

I remember, and thanks.

Well now what?

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The trapper pistol will be graded tomorrow.  

Pics were sent out and as soon as I get a good place to host them I’ll link em here.

Expect to see some start to finish pictures this summer.  

My next project is to finish a 1911 safety installation for a friend of mine, and then work on my 1911.  

I have a final in bench metal tomorrow and then I’m 1/4 of the way to being a real life smith.

Now, what do I do with myself in the mean time?

It survived.

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Gun worked fine.  Shot pretty well.  Pics will have to wait however, I forgot my camera.

Headed East for a day or so, I’ll be back Monday.



Finished my last project for this semester today.  I shoot it tomorrow. I’ll post pictures if it survives.  

Looking forward to having next weekend off.  However, the smithing doesn’t stop, I have to fit a ambi-safety for a friend of mine, and clean up the grips so they will fit.  

Then I start summer classes.

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