I got accused the other day of not liking AR platform rifles.  It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s that I don’t care.  I’ve shot em for work and for play and I just don’t really care about em anymore, unless I can help someone make an informed choice about getting one that works for them up and running.  Since I got called out I thought I’d bang out my thoughts on the subject.  

It’s been accepted that the AR family of rifles is here to stay.  

I’ve got no issues with them. 

The FN built rifles that I was issued while I was an 11B worked like sewing machines, other than the one I had in Korea which needed a mag shot through it first to run that well.  

I have a problem with all the crap that people hang off of them.  

I’m beginning to think, that like John Browning, Gene Stoner was right to start with and all the bullshit that people add to his design makes it less useful and reliable.

I like 20” barrels.  

I like A1 length buttstocks. 

I like the A1 rear sight better than the A2 if the rifle is going to have a carry handle.  

If the rifle is going to have a rail I like rear sights that do not fold, spindle, or mutilate.  

In fact, I don’t like, nor will I have,  anything adjustable on the rifle. 

Collapsable stocks are not for me.  

Folding front or rear sights are made out of fail regardless of who makes them.  

Stuff that moves has a very nasty habit of moving when you don’t want it too.

I’d zero the rifle about an inch or so high at 100 giving me the ability to shoot to reasonable engagement ranges without having to hold over, under, or off.  

I’d ditch the forward assist.  

I don’t think it helps very much, and it can hurt.  

Besides, slick slides look better anyway.  

I think a white light can be damn handy to have on a rifle.  

I think an optic is an excellent piece of kit. 

I’m not sure about the rails.  

I understand them, but I don’t see any reason to hang 6 pounds of shit off of a 6 pound rifle to make it better.  

If I went with a light I’d put a G2 Surefire in a Weaver scope ring on the right hand side of the handguard.  

The white light, for me, is an on or off thing.  

I don’t need modes or switches or flashing or any of that other crap.  

As for a VFG or an AFG, I think they can both have their place, but I no longer kick doors or carry the rifle for work. 

I’ll likely never engage the enemy on the back forty. I’ll likely never have to assault the building again. 

I’m not sure how much good they would do me.  

Plain old GI magazines with the green followers have yet to fail me. 

I never used anything else while employed by Uncle Sam.  

I’ve also never really seen the need to switch as a civilian.  

Though if pressed I’d go with the 20 round P-Mags, they’d have all the capacity that I need and make it a touch easier to shoot from prone.  

Twist rate isn’t something I’d really worry too much about in a GP rifle.  

Twist it the same as what Uncle Sam runs and shoot about the same weight ammo, making the switch to soft-points.

As for optics I’d have an ACOG if I could get one the TA-51 to be exact. 

If not that the EOtech and Aimpoints I’ve used both work fine.  

I like doughnut of death better as a reticle but I think the Aimpoint is a simpler and more robust design.

Wouldn’t have one chambered in something other than .223/5.56.  The other stuff is boutique at best and actively silly at worst.

The US Military isn’t switching to a new caliber or rifle unless or until they have a new magazine. 

The SCAR, MASADA, ACR XCR and all the rest are neat but not going anywhere.

Neither is piston driven.  

That’s what I think.  It’s worth what you paid for it.