This meme went around a while back.  I should have written this down then.  Well, I kinda did, then I got to thinking about it.  Picking five dream guns was a little harder than I first thought it would be, especially as I work with guns everyday and have off and on for the better part of my working life.   After careful consideration I did come up with five though.  Presented below in no particular order.


FN M1918 BAR Model D

The high point and the most refined design of the Browning Automatic Rifle.  I’d have to have it chambered in the correct .30-06.  It’s big, heavy, and mostly impractical but it’s the closest thing to FA that I’d care to have.  


Remington Arms Company Model 1875

In my opinion the superior arm to the Colt 1973, but it never gained the commercial success as Colt had a two year head start.  I think it’s the best looking revolver ever produced and the grip frame feels far more comfortable to be than the 1873 type.  Colt’s blackpowder pistol’s grip frames were better than the 1873 too.  This one I’d like to have a pair of in .44-40. (They would go nice with a saddle ring in the same caliber.)  


Winchester Repeating Arms Model of 1895 

I’d have to have the musket model that was manufactured for the Russian Army.  That puts it in 7.62x54r.  While I have no issues with that, I’d really like to have one in .30-06 made in that configuration.  Just a gun that I admire the look of.


Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless .32 ACP

This slick little Colt would make a phenomenal carry pistol with properly loaded .32 ammo and a couple of custom touches.  First I’d dovetail in a set of usable sights, I believe that the Novak’s that a made to fit the Kahr models would be the right size, and a fantastic improvement over the stock sights.  A little TIG welding would add a nice little pad on the safety making is slightly easier to use.  I think I’d prefer a Type I or V for this conversion.  It would be even better if these little pistols were put back into production.  


Stevens Walnut Hill Model Rifle

This is another that I think I’d have to have as a custom.  I’d like to set one of these actions up as a .25-20 W.C.F. I have a fondness for the cartridge and the same fondness for single shots.  This could pretty easily be the best of both worlds.  The picture shows a representative sample but the sky would be the limit for how that customization could be done.  I think I’d have at least a 24” barrel maybe 26 and make it a fairly full profile, with a solid hunting type stock on it. The addition of really good peep sights if not tangent sights would complete the rifle, but frankly a .25-20 just like the picture would suit me fine.