As most of you know, I’m in gunsmithing  school.  I’m slightly better than halfway done.  Some of you have even already seen some of the stuff I’ve already done.

This is going to be about what I am going to do.

First things first I have a BSA martini 15 action that I plan to convert from it’s current rimfire state to .22 hornet.  I’ll do all the metal and stock work myself.  Planning on making it a mannlicher.

I’ve to a .22 magnum Chuckster to restock for a friend in Texas, as well as a Colt Delta Elite that needs bobtailed and a total action/trigger job done for another Texan friend.

I’m three quarters of the way through completing my .22o Swift mauser project for a friend in Tennessee.

I’ve got a Savage model 72 that I’m going to make into .22 magnum and take to the American Gunmakers Guild show.

I’m waiting on a CZ to dry before it’s complete.

I’ve got a 1938 german mauser 98 to make into something, I’m either going to make an midsize “stopping” rifle or a .257 Roberts.  I don’t know.

I’ve got a blueprinted Remington 700 in .30-06 that I’m going to see if I can make shoot as well as the .308s.

This doesn’t even cover the projects I’ve got on line for repairs or refinishes.

I’m collaborating with a couple of other smiths on a special project for a fundraiser.

And that’s what I have to finish before I graduate in December.  Doesn’t sound like much does it.