I’ve carried a pistol off and on for quite some time.  I went through a forest of options for both pistols and holsters.  I’ve recently settled on a pretty good solution.  I managed to score one of the new production Smith and Wesson 642s, without the lock.  (The lock is here to stay folks, even though it is indeed stupid.)  Now were I have to go during the day and the environment that I’m in I have to keep deep concealment.  So I went with a ankle rig.  It works rather well.  Now it’s not quick, but situational awareness has to be my friend.

Now when I get home I either immediatly switch to a Glock 19 in Raven Ghost holster.  (Sadly discontinued.  And by discontinuing Raven has assured I will never by another holster from them.) My other option is a Smith 36-1 in a Galco slide.

I do a bit of managerial money handling so being heeled at home has become rather necessary.  My choices are by all accounts pedestrian.  However should I need to use any of them I’m not out much for a replacement.