Well it’s a good thing I’m a gunsmith (in training) rather than a doctor.  My finger isn’t broken…..it was just severely dislocated.  Which I found out when I attempted to set it the second time.  Not to cast aspersions on my classmate’s, he’s a former paramedic, abilities and it sure as hell felt like he set it when he taped the two popsicle sticks to it.  When I attempted to set it, after getting a finger splint at the local drugstore, it popped back into place.

Only twice have I ever thought I was gonna pass out.  The first time is when they removed the pin from the top of my foot after surgery.  The second was last night when I thought the end of my finger had popped off and rolled under the stove.  

It was swollen and tender as hell this morning.  The finger-splint seems to be helping, but I have managed to bump it into just about everything. 

Plus side, it’s not broken.