So the TSA has managed to offend a pile of people.  There have been threats of opt-outs and no-flys. The use of backscatter machines has been attacked.  All of the enhanced pat-downs have been compared to sexual assault.  The TSA screeners have been compared to Nazi agents, child molesters, and have been made villains.

Now I will be the first to say that the TSA sucks, and needs to be abolished, but I quit on them when I was flying in Class A’s for the United States Army and got searched and patted down.  I also have metal in my feet and ankles from a fall during a training accident, so I get the Full Monty every time I fly.

I decided then and there that I was done with flying.  I’ve not flown as a civilian.

The whole security theatre is a farce.  The TSA security cannot stop a determined attacker.  It won’t happen.  Not a chance in hell.  The Israeli method won’t work in the US.  I don’t believe that it would scale to the number of people and flights in this country.

I’m not real sure that I’d consider a frisk sexual assault. I’ve been frisked and frisked people before. A frisk is not an assault.  Claiming that a search is horrible is weak when fliers know it’s a possibility.  We lost that war when the first metal detector was installed in an airport.

I think it is the height of horseshit that the TSA can make an amputee take off their prothetic or make someone with a medical condition disclose it.

I think it’s boggling that they are able to search a person out of view of their bag, or a bag out of view of it’s person.

The backscatter machines are not being represented truthfully.  The MSDS are not available to the public and everyone and their brother knows that the images can be saved and transmitted.   I’ll admit I don’t know enough about the radiation and the threat it poses to have an opinion, but I have to guess that it’s not good.

I find it wildly funny that most of my gun owning friends are so perfectly willing and eager to villainize a group of people.  When they complain that they are the victims of being misrepresented.  Same goes for my police friends.

As for the people that have proclaimed that they will fight the TSA people that touch their kids, I say go for it.  Put your money where your mouth is.  People that have enough constitution of character to fight the TSA already don’t fly.   So please keep beating your gums it impresses the shit out of me.

There are plenty of solutions to the TSA, chief among them, stop flying. I’m even okay with politely tying up the system and causing major delays. I like the idea of making them change gloves and being as deliberately slow as you can in the lines.  Take pictures of your gear before it goes through the scanner, call the police if something is missing.  Make them miserable.  Cost the airports and the airlines enough money and something will change.

Failing that, fight them, make it impossible for them to continue.  However, if you are going to do that be prepared to live with those consequences.  Understand that you might take a huge fine, or jail time.  Stop talking about it and do it. I see no reason whatever to meekly submit and then say how awful that you were treated and what a big badass you will be next time.